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No Fear

English Drama AG

The drama group No Fear! consists of participants of all grade levels. The students are immersed not only in the English language at rehearsals, but also into the world of theater. This learning-by-doing experience gives them exposure to acting basics, choreography, staging, voice and presence training, as well as teamwork and the one-of-a-kind experience of being on stage. It is truly a life changing experience, one that any participant would never regret or forget, and which enriches their lives.


Each year the students of the Goetheschule audition for a new production. The play is written specifically for the cast members, making each production original and unique. Special focus is given to the talents of the students, which are often integrated into the storyline of the play. Students have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of production including staging, costuming, and technical work.

Structure and Production

After the initial round of auditions, the group is split into 2 rehearsal groups: Thursdays from 14.30-16.00 and Fridays 14.30-16.00. In the first phase we focus on stage presence and voice and body training. Once the script is set, the students begin to learn their text and we move into the second phase of scene work. The final phase is the most intense: there are additional workshop weekends for the cast to learn all of the movement and staging, and the final main and dress rehearsals. The premiere is of course the highlight of the entire journey and involves not only the students, but also extra assistance and parents.


No Fear! English Drama Group Essen-Bredeney proudly presents Arthur Miller's classic American drama The Crucible

May 10th Premiere 19h

May 11th, 19h

May 12th, 16h

Goetheschule, Ruschenstr. 1, 45133 Essen-Bredeney

Tickets: Adults 6€/Student5€

(Tickets available at the school secretary)

About the Play

Imagine a place where there is no color, no freedom of expression--a place where everyone is forced to look the same, act the same and obey all laws under fear of severe punishment. This is Salem. "In Salem, you better no be different, because being different is dangerous!"

Miller's play, written in 1953, is based on the true events of the Salem witch trials from 1692 and meant as an allegory for the McCarthy trials (The "Red Scare") which took place during the 1940's and 50's in America.

Abigail Williams and several other girls of Salem had met in the woods for a secret "party" where they danced and pretended to conjure spirits. When they are caught by the Reverend Parris they fear for their lives. Salem is run by a strict and intolerant religious system and anyone caught engaging in suspicious activity would be sent to trail and sentenced to death. The arrival of Reverend Hale causes the crisis to escalate as the girls begin to accuse other people in Salem of witchcraft in order to save their own lives. The play deals with fear, persecution and intolerance, themes which are still highly relevant in our society today.

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The Director

Julie Stearns is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, USA and has been living in Germany for over 20 years. She is an actress/director and theater educator and has produced several theater- based projects in schools, universities and theaters throughout NRW and Germany. Julie also works as a trainer and coach for communication, presentation and self-marketing skills.

Since 2011, Julie has been writing, producing and directing original plays for No Fear! at the Goetheschule.

“The performances and commitment of the students I work with at the Goetheschule is as impressive and amazing as working with professional actors. The spirit of theater exists in their open, curious and enthusiastic nature. The level of performance that they achieve in the plays, is not only impressive for audiences, but is also a significant life-experience in which they gain self-confidence in many, many aspects.” (Julie Stearns)


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